J&K Moving Labor and Hauling

 Helpful Packing Tips  

  If you choose to use your own boxes, make sure they are not old and dilapidated

•    Be organized in your packing
•    Don’t over-pack your boxes.  One man should be able to carry them
•    Don’t under-pack boxes because they will crush
•    Make sure you tape the top and the bottom of your boxes
•    Use plenty of packing material when packing dishes, glassware, or any breakable or fragile items
•    Wrap each item separately with plenty of packing material
•    Make sure the items in the box cannot move around
•    Make sure you put a layer of packing material on the bottom and on the top of the box
•    For glass items such as plates, bowls, glass, and picture frame, pack vertically
•    Use small boxes for packing books, cd’s, and other heavy items
•    Use large boxes for toys and linens
•    Use picture boxes for larger pictures and make sure the sides are covered with packing tape
•    Label your boxes correctly:  Fragile, Heavy, Liquids and the contents of the box
•    Use wardrobe boxes for clothing
•    If you can, save your original boxes for TV’s, stereo components, computers, microwaves, etc.

We DO NOT  move hazardous materials.  If a customer packs these materials in a box, we are not held responsible for the boxes by law.

Hazardous materials are:  explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives, and radioactive materials.  Examples include the following:  lighter fluid, gasoline, fireworks, oxygen bottles, propane cylinders, automotive repair and maintenance chemicals.


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